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4L Dog Training Pack

4L Dog Training Pack

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Designed in Collaboration with my dog trainer, Melissa of Juniper Trails, this bag has seriously changed both of our lives with our pups

With a 4-liter capacity, this bag is spacious enough to carry all your training essentials and more, giving you the mental capacity to focus on why your dog is afraid of that random shoe on the side of the road instead of juggling your belongings between your pockets. 

Crafted from sustainable materials, it's our way of taking care of Mother Earth while you take care of your pup. A built-in poop bag dispenser ensures that you're always prepared for those little surprises while the external mesh pocket gives you a space to collect any trash you find on trail. 

The magnetic snack bag closure guarantees that your treats stay in the bag and within reach when training strikes. The snack bag zippers closed to keep your pets little snoot out of there when you're not looking.

This dog training bag can comfortably hold a Nalgene, leash, snacks, and more. Truly feel like Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger anywhere you go. The front most zippered pocket gives you a space to store your phone and keys for quick access whether you need to take a photo of your dog immediately or an uncomfortable dog management system is present at the trailhead. 

Wear it your way - as a sling, fanny pack, or attach it directly to your belt. Three different options mean you can move freely, keeping your hands free for what matters most: making sure your dog doesn't eat that stranger's donut off the table.

Available in two fun colors: Alpine Indy and Desert Dog, me and Melissa can't wait for you to bring this into your lives

Fabric// Recycled XPac and eco-ripstop?'

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