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How is everything made?

All of our products are human-made in the USA. Almost exclusively in Utah (though we do have a little help from Idaho!). Our materials are sourced from the USA as well. Besides that, magic.

How can I get my art on your products?

Reach out! Though I do have a pretty wide range of artists currently, I would love to hear from you and see your art. Additionally, we can craft custom gear with your art for you! Fill out our contact form here.

When will I receive my crowdfunding order?

Lead times are going to be different for each product! Our crowdfunding campaign is setup as a pre-order, so the wait time will be 1-4 months. We thank you for your support and appreciate your patience!

Where is the crowdfunding campaign money going?

All of the money we raise will be going back into Wild Brush. This will help us to hire full time employees, purchase equipment, and increase production. The goal is to make our production more efficient, so we can provide the highest quality to you all.