Freshly Stitched

We’re Wild Brush, a brand on a dedicated mission to rid the world of boring, unfunctional gear. 

Gear can be more than just something that helps you do the things you love. Gear can inspire you to get after it. Remind you of places that hold pieces of your soul. Streamline your adventures and make organization a breeze. Support small businesses and artists that you care about. Give you the power to show up as exactly who you are. Unapologetically and fiercely. 

I was at my wits end after years of tiredly purchasing the same solid colored gear, designed by people who value profit over functionality. I decided that it was time for something new. With an old sewing machine and custom fabric designed by artistic friends, a company was born. It’s quickly grown into a passionate community over the past 4 years, full of humans of all identities and abilities. A community just as tired of unenthusiastically buying gear in those same 3 colors and never actually getting the features they want. With the input of this community, I have been able to continuously design and redesign all Wild Brush’s products to keep up to date with timeless trends and make gear that fuels your stoke.