Who Are We?

We’re Wild Brush, a brand on a dedicated mission to rid the world of boring, unfunctional gear. 

Gear can be more than just something that helps you do the things you love. Gear can inspire you to get after it. Remind you of places that hold pieces of your soul. Streamline your adventures and make organization a breeze. Support small businesses and artists that you care about. Give you the power to show up as exactly who you are. Unapologetically and fiercely. 

I was at my wits end after years of tiredly purchasing the same solid colored gear, designed by people who value profit over functionality. I decided that it was time for something new. With an old sewing machine and custom fabric designed by artistic friends, a company was born. It’s quickly grown into a passionate community over the past 4 years, full of humans of all identities and abilities. A community just as tired of unenthusiastically buying gear in those same 3 colors and never actually getting the features they want. With the input of this community, I have been able to continuously design and redesign all Wild Brush’s products to keep up to date with timeless trends and make gear that fuels your stoke.

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

As a one woman maker, I’ve struggled to keep up with your demand for gear. I tried endlessly in 2021 to expand Wild Brush through outsourcing production to factories and hiring local seamstresses. Unfortunately, this route resulted in extensive delays, low quality production, and a huge financial loss. After some extensive brainstorming, the best way to keep production flowing, quality high, and stoke maxed out is to focus on streamlining in house production. The pandemic has been hard on every small business but the past year of personal strife and transition has brought endless additional roadblocks. The key issue (as you might guess) is capital. After last years’ drain the ability to purchase new machinery is out of reach. 

How Much Money Do We Need?

Our goal of $25k allows us to grow sustainably and ethically. Wild Brush can purchase bulk high-end and eco-friendly fabrics and time saving equipment to make an expanded line of products in 2022.

If we hit our goal of 25k, Wild Brush will be able to purchase a laser fabric cutter and bulk materials. If we hit $50k, Wild Brush can purchase a new walking foot sewing machine and our very own fabric printer! This would not only quicken production time, it would lower production costs and allow for more custom and small batch products. If we hit $75k, Wild Brush can expand the team to increase production (and pay them a highly ethical wage unlike most factory seamstresses! Woo woo!)


Most crowdfunding campaigns focus on a single product or an idea but you all love everything too much to narrow down. Our stoke is high to continue producing all of the products you love so dearly. We’re dreaming big but even $5 brings us close to continuing to make gear that helps you express who you are while you’re doing the things you love. The anxiety of launching this campaign has had me shaking in my boots for months. Months. Even after years of this community's endless support, it’s still hard for me to believe that all of you care as much about beautiful gear as I do. Wild Brush is committed to authenticity, and transparency, so you know exactly what’s going on with our small business.

Rachel Pohl x Community Supported Gear