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Wild Brush

Hadley's Mountains Chalk Bucket

Hadley's Mountains Chalk Bucket

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The buckets are back and you're not going to want to miss these.

The internal zippered pockets provide so much storage and organization, you'll never leave your phone at the gym or be searching for that roll of tape ever again. Two elastic brush loops are available because of course the only reason we're not sending is the hold needs just a little more brushing. This bag has a dual closure system! Velcro keeps it closed and a roll top design ensures your chalk stays where it's meant to be. It'll stay tight with the aluminum g-hook which also doubles as a carrying handle. 

My favorite part outside of all that technical stuff and the beautiful art is the colored fleece! A little pop of forest green is waiting for you inside each of these beauties. 

Designed by the amazingly talented Lauren Echo, the Hadley's mountains chalk bucket is nothing short of radical.

Fabric// Recycled XPac and forest green anti-pill fleece

Art// Lauren Echo



Please note: this item is handmade and is subject to small changes and variations. 

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